Mass Israeli occupation, de-localization......
( Palestine -Deir Yassen- 1948)

Mass Murder
(Palestine -Dier yaseen- 1948)


Humiliation of civilians
(Palestine - Yafa  -1948)


And Houses Demolitions, all started in 1948
(Palestine -Dier yaseen-1948)


And it has not stopped ever since!
(Lebanon-Qana- 1996)


They had no mercy on men...
(Lebanon -Qana-1996)


No mercy on women
(Lebanon -Qana-1996)


Old people...
(Lebanon -Qana-1996)


KIDS !!!!
(Lebanon -Qana-1996)



(Lebanon -Qana1996)

This baby was  killed in a Rockets Attack on "QANA" ,(Lebanon), the same scene took place years earlier in "SABRA & SHATILA" when Israeli soldiers allied to LF smashed hundreds of young babies heads against the walls, this was during  the attack on the camps, suposedly supported by the USA.

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        Remember  that by your silence  your hands are soiled with this innocent  blood...

                 Remember that  one day YOU may be in this situation....
We need every possible help.....
                       We won't ask you to hold a gun and fight.. but:
at least we want you to know why we had to fight...
         at least to forward this site to every one you know...


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