After all that is there any hope? Is there any chance for freedom?


Any hope?


                                            Abuse still exists....
                                         (Palsetine-Gazza Stripe-1996)

Unjustified Violence
( Palestine - Jerusalem -1998)


Houses demolitions
(Palestine - West Bank -1998)


Maybe the darkness of the night has stayed too long.....
(Palestine -Hebron-1997)


But the beam of the light could reach beyond the beyond...
(Palsetine-Gazza Stripe-1996)


There will be victims....
(Palestine - West Bank- 1995)


And There will be traitors

And they will be despised by all sides.


Terrorist Ehud Barak Profaning the corps of Martyr Dallal Al-Maghribi
Old Habits Die Hardly
(Palestine-Tel Aviv - 1978)


This last one represents the will to live in freedom

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Remember  that by your silence  your hands are soiled with this innocent  blood...

                 Remember that  one day YOU may be in this situation....
We need every possible help.....
                       We won't ask you to hold a gun and fight.. but:
at least we want you to know why we had to fight...
         at least to forward this site to every one you know...


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