If we have already considered the killing of civilians a "WAR CRIME "...how
 then would we consider killing of INFANTS...?

Some Victims During the Israeli Raids on Lebanon 1996


              what has this kid done to deserve  to be burnt alive like that?
(Lebanon -Qana-1996)


The Israeli Air Force has bombed her school bus, some of her Friends
were killed some were injured, and she lost her eye...


He lost his family as well....


A baby after an Israeli attack with NAPALM!!!!


He was killed with his family during an Israeli Bombing


(Lebanon -Qana-1996)


After the incident


After treatment
(5 years after the incident)

     Amar Emeera was eating lunch in his home in the West bank village of Juma'een near
     Nablus when armed settlers from a nearby settlement threw a firebomb at his home.
     The house ignited and two brothers were  killed. Though Amar lived, he bore horrific
      scars that left him unable to function as a  normal child.
     (Palestine - Nablus -1994)


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        Remember  that by your silence  your hands are soiled with this innocent  blood...

                 Remember that  one day YOU may be in this situation....
We need every possible help.....
                       We won't ask you to hold a gun and fight.. but:
at least we want you to know why we had to fight...
         at least to forward this site to every one you know...



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