Unfortunately many people are still influenced by the Western/Zionist propaganda of
considering the so-called Israel "The Oasis of Democracy" in the
Middle- East.

During the years of Intifada (1987-1994)
Israeli Ex-Prime Minster ordered the IDF
soldiers to intently break the bones of the Palestinians protesters.
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(Palestine - Jerusalem - 1993)


Shoot to kill only for suspicion.
IDF soldiers killed 9 Palestinian workers the reason given: Suspecting!
(Palestine  - Tarqumia - 1998)


Humiliation of  the Palestinian youth never stop
( Palestine  - Jerusalem - 1999)


Shooting to Kill protesters is a fixed Zionist policy.
( Palestine - Gaza - 1998)


Attacking Worshipers in the Mosque with Gases
( Palestine - Jerusalem - 1995)


He was shoot while he was praying
(Palestine - Jerusalem 1993)


Even the Holy books were profaned by the invaders.
Guarded by the Israeli Soldiers, the Jewish settlers had attacked Alya'kobia elementary school in Hebron and ripped apart copies of the Holy Quran.
( Palestine  - Hebron - 1998)

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        Remember  that by your silence  your hands are soiled with this innocent  blood...

                 Remember that  one day YOU may be in this situation....
We need every possible help.....
                       We won't ask you to hold a gun and fight.. but:
at least we want you to know why we had to fight...
         at least to forward this site to every one you know...


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