In Democratic regimes peaceful protests are allowed

Arresting and Humiliating a Palestinian youth
( Palestine - Jerusalem - 1996)


We see in the photo a Zionist soldier removing the head scarf of a Palestinian girl
( Palestine - Gaza -1997)


The Israeli soldiers dealing with Sweden demonstrator protesting against the Zionist occupation of Palestine
( Palestine - Jerusalem - 1998)


Scene from the International academics protests in Eastern Jerusalem
( Palestine - Jerusalem -1998)


Zionist soldiers abusing Europeans who protested against the occupation of Palestine
(Palestine - Jerusalem - 1998)


No comments!
(Palestine  - Nablus - 1995)

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       Remember  that by your silence  your hands are soiled with this innocent  blood...

                 Remember that  one day YOU may be in this situation....
We need every possible help.....
                       We won't ask you to hold a gun and fight.. but:
at least we want you to know why we had to fight...
         at least to forward this site to every one you know...


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