The United Nation Defined "terrorism" and "terrorist" as:

        1.  A TERRORIST is any person who, acting independently of the
              specific recognition of a country, or as a single person, or as
              part of a group not recognized as an official part of division
              of a nation, acts to destroy or to injure civilians or destroy
              or damage property belonging to civilians or to governments in
              order to effect some political goal.

         2. TERRORISM is the act of destroying or injuring civilian lives
              or the act of destroying or damaging civilian or government property
              without the expressly chartered permission of a specific government,
              thus, by individuals or groups acting independently or governments
              on their own accord and belief, in the attempt to effect some
              political goal.

        3. All war crimes will be considered acts of terrorism.

   4. Attacks on military installations, bases, and personnel will not be
       considered acts of terrorism, but instead acts by freedom fighters that
       are to be considered a declaration of war towards the organized 

But the Israeli - American definition is quite different....

 Good Israeli soldiers arresting Bad Palestinian Terrorist
(Palestine-Gazza Stripe-1997)


 He was shot  by Israeli soldiers in demonstrations
 (Palestine -West Bank-1998)


 Dangerous terrorist using his weapon...
 (To us he is a Freedom Fighter throwing a stone for his freedom)


Breaking news:
A Palestinian terrorist stabbed an innocent Israeli civilian... the photo above shows the innocent Israeli civilian!!
(Palestine -Jeursalim-1998)


Arresting and Humiliating of a child
( Palestine - Jerusalem - 1995)


    They killed his mother in front of him cause she was a terrorist..!
                               (Palestine -West bank - 1997)


"KILL ALL ARABS" .. An explicit racism
(Palestine - Jerusalem - 1999)


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