Hiroshima-Nagasaki Memorial Page
(Let us Never Forget...)

      While U.S.A is leading an enormous inhuman elimination process against
       the Iraqi nation in the name of " protecting world peace from weapons of
       mass destruction", lots of people forget that those weapons were never
       used by any one except U.S.A.

       On 21st of August,  the Government of The U.S.A committed the worst
       crime against humanity which will remain a shame for the so-called
       International conscience for generations and generations, and at that time
       the justification was "we are protecting  world peace.
       In this page we represent the forgotten Images of the American stands for
       peace, maybe the next generation will become more aware of what greed
       and racial superiority lead to, and it is a message for all  western nations;
       asking them to think consciously before giving their votes to their
       governments which hide the following Images from them.

The bombs used in the crime
(Fat man & little boy)
(Unknown storage -U.S.A-1945)


Hiroshima after the Massacre.
(Hiroshima - Japan -1945)


The streets were full of bodies after the burning.
( Nagasaki - Japan - 1945)



Japanese kid after the Bomb
                                                  (Hiroshima  -Japan -1945)


A burnt Japanese woman.
(Nagasaki - Japan - 1945)


Some survivors
(Nagasaki - Japan - 1945)



Survived Japanese Lady with fatal burns
(Tokyo general Hospital - Japan - 1945)


The late effect of the reductive activity
( Tokyo - Japan -1955)


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